NPE2018 (National Plastics Exposition), with pinfa-na exhibition
7-11 May 2018 | Orlando, USA en us
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Wood facades and fire safety
6 March,2018 | Limoges, France (in French) Boislim/FCBA fr fr
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ANTEC “Non-halogen flame retardants” session and pinfa North America reception
10 May 2018, Orlando, USA en us
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Workshop on Meeting Changing Material Flammability Requirements for Ground Transportation - pinfa North America with SAMPE
4-5 April 2018 | Dearborn, Michiga nen us
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Plastics Regulations
14-15 March 2018 | Cologne, Germany de de
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2nd ECOFRAM (International Conference on Eco-friendly Flame Retardant Additives and Materials) 
28-29 March 2018 | Metz, France  fr fr
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Fire Retardants in Plastics (AMI)
10-11 April 2018 | Pittsburg en us  - includes panel on Non-Halogen FR Case Studies with pinfa-na, 10 April 16h30
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Polymers in Building Insulation (AMI) 
18-19 April 2018 | Cologne, Germany de de
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Composites in the rail vehicle industry
16-17 May 2018 | Leipzig, Germany de de

BCC Flame Conference
20-23 May 2018 | Stamford, Connecticut en us

10th International Conference on Structures in Fire
6-8 June 2018 | Belfast, Nothern Ireland en gb
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4th BRE Fire Research Conference
7 June 2018 | Watford, UK en gb
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Nordic Fire & Safety Days 
7-8 June 2018 | Trondheim, Norway nor
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5th International Symposium on Flame-Retardant Materials and Technologies - ISFRMT 2018
14-16 June 2018 | Hangzou, China zh cn
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FIREX (Fire Prevention, Detection and Protection)
19-21 June 2018 | London, UK en gb
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AMI Compounding World
27-28 June 2018 | Essen, Germany de de
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31st AMI International Masterbatch Conference
3-5 September 2018 | Madrid, Spain es es
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20th International Conference on Fire Safety Science and Technology - ICFSST 2018
27-28 September 2018 | London, UK en gb 
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FIVE Fires in Vehicles
3-4 October 2018 | Boras, Sweden sw 
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Fire Protection of Rolling Stock
7-8 March 2018 | Berlin, Germany 
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Fire Resistance in Plastics (AMI)
10-12 December 2018 | Cologne, Germany de de