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California priority chemicals in products: the California the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)    has published its (draft) three-year work plan on "Priority Products". This identifies chemicals (identified per product group) posing questions of potential harm and requiring manufacturers to assess safer alternatives.

Hewlett Packard logoHewlett Packard: substitution of halogenated FRs

At FRPM 2017, Hewlett Packard (HP) summarised the IT industry view on flame retardants, noting that most major IT brands have now largely eliminated PVC and halogenated flame retardants from their products, including progressively printed circuit boards.

FRPM2017 logoInnovations in non halogen flame retardants at FRPM

The FRPM (Flame Retardant Polymeric Materials), every two years, brings together four days of front-edge research into flame retardants, fire behaviour of polymers and fire testing. FRPM 2017, 2-6 July, Manchester UK, showed 110 presentations and posters, many of which addressed innovation in PIN FRs, and only three of which addressed halogenated flame retardants, giving a strong indication of the direction future flame retardant technologies are headed.

ZDHCTextile brands action on hazardous chemicals

Further companies have joined the apparel brands coalition to avoid emissions of hazardous chemicals in textile and synthetic leather processing: ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).



Train Scott Bader 2018Scott Bader PIN FR coatings achieve rail standards

The global chemical company Scott Bader is owned by its own employees, under a unique charity trustee status. The company's range includes innovative Phosphorous, Inorganic, Nitrogen flame retardant solutions. Crystic® Fireguard 70PA is a spray gelcoat for applications demanding low flame spread fire safety and low smoke emissions, as well as UV weathering.

MicroductPIN FR micro-ducts for cable protection

Hexatronic, Swedish specialist in optical fibre communication systems, offers a range of 'halogen-free flame retardant' microducts for cable installation in buildings.

LSHF cable standard2LSF is not LSHF

The UK specialist in lighting connection products, Flex Connectors, explains why LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) and LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) are different, and offer different safety factors in case of fire. The company indicates that LSF is an imprecise label, and that cables can contain materials which emit dense smoke in case of fire as well as acidic gases.

PIN FR cables for demanding applications

Italian specialist compounder Fainplast, Italy, is extending its range of high performance non halogenated flame retardant compounds, with crosslinkable HFX compounds, using the Sioplas (XLPOHFFR) method, adapted to demanding applications such as solar panels.

Beijing fire evictionsFire leads Beijing to oust migrants and demolish homes

Media are reporting that thousands of migrants have been forced out of slum housing areas in the Beijing suburbs, following a fire in Xinjiang Village, Daxing District. The fire concerned a two-storey apartment building housing 300 people and lead to 19 deaths.

ESUN 3DprintingPIN FR 3D-printing polymer

Shenzhen Esun Ind. Co. has launched a PIN flame retardant ABS-based 3D-printing filament, eSUN eABS "MAX halogen-free", offering a 3D print temperature of 220-260C and print feed rate of 30-90 mm/s.