pinfa77 cables

Improving PIN FR polyethylene compounds for cables

Dow Corning have launched a new polyethylene MB25-502 Masterbatch for production of non-halogen flame retardant cables, wires and jacketing.

The inclusion of specific silicone additives ensures improved processability for extrusion, by reducing screw torque without the need for processing additives, even at up to 70% loadings of mineral PIN flame retardants and fillers, whilst ensuring cost-effectiveness by using polyethylene (PE) base. The masterbatch, supplied as free-flowing pellets, is compatible with low density PE (LDPE), linear low density PE (LLDPE) and cross-linked PE (XLPE). See also pinfa Newsletters n°s 65 and 71.

“New Dow Corning® MB25-502 Masterbatch Delivers Best-in-Class Processability for Polyethylene Wire and Cable Insulation and Jacketing”, 15/12/2016