Product identity
Chemical name Surface treated, Inorganic, mineral based FR synergist
CAS 68953-58-2

Regulatory status
H phrases according to GHS Labelling none
Reach registered

Suppliers / trade names (pinfa member companies)
Supplier Trade name
Rockwood clay additivesCLOISITE®More Info

Application groups
Group Substrate Application
Solid Thermoplastics ABS applicable
Polyamide (PA) applicable
Polypropylene (PP) applicable
Polyethylene (PE) applicable
Polycarbonate (PC) could be applied
PC/ABS applicable
HIPS/PPO applicable
SAN applicable
Themoplastic elastomers applicable
EVA-cop. applicable
PET could be applied
PBT could be applied
Foams EPS foam applicable
XPS foam applicable
PUR flexible foam applicable
PUR Rigid foam applicable
Plypropylene foam (PP) applicable
Polyethylene foam (PE) applicable
Rubbers/Elastomers applicable
Textiles/Paints/Adhesives Latex/adhesives applicable
Textile backcoating applicable
Nylon applicable
Polyester fibres applicable
Viscose applicable
Other textile fibers applicable
Hot melts applicable
Intumescent Coatings applicable
Paints applicable
Thermosets Phenolic Resins applicable
Unsaturated polyesters applicable
Vinyl esters applicable
Acrylic resins applicable
Epoxy Resins applicable
Wire and cables TPU applicable
Silicone applicable
EPDM applicable
Polypropylene (PP) applicable
PE/EVA applicable
Others Paper/Wood applicable
Chip/Particle boards applicable