Product identity
Chemical name ZnS-Zinc Stannate
CAS 12036-37-2

Regulatory status
H phrases according to GHS Labelling none
Reach registered 2010

Suppliers / trade names (pinfa member companies)
Supplier Trade name
William BlytheFLAMTARD SMore Info

Application groups
Group Substrate Application
Solid Thermoplastics ABS applicable
EVA-cop. applicable
Polyamide (PA) applicable
Polypropylene (PP) applicable
Polyethylene (PE) applicable
Polycarbonate (PC) applicable
PVC rigid applicable
Textiles/Paints/Adhesives Nylon applicable
Textile backcoating applicable
Thermosets Epoxy Resins applicable
Phenolic Resins applicable
Unsaturated polyesters applicable
Vinyl esters applicable
Wire and cables PE/EVA applicable
PVC flexible applicable
EPDM applicable
Polypropylene (PP) applicable