Product identity
Chemical name Cresyl diphenyl phosphate - (diphenyl tolyl phosphate)
CAS 26444-49-5
ECN° 247-693-8

Regulatory status
H phrases according to GHS Labelling H400, H412
Reach registered 2010

Suppliers / trade names (pinfa member companies)
Supplier Trade name
LanxessDisflamoll® DPKMore Info

Application groups
Group Substrate Application
Solid Thermoplastics Themoplastic elastomers applicable
HIPS/PPO applicable
PC/ABS applicable
Foams Rubbers/Elastomers applicable
PUR Rigid foam could be applied
PVC/nitrile foam applicable
Textiles/Paints/Adhesives Latex/adhesives applicable
Paints applicable
Hot melts applicable
Thermosets Phenolic Resins applicable
Wire and cables PE/EVA could be applied
TPU applicable
PVC flexible applicable