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Flame retardants from infants sleeping mats in dust. A study at seven Seattle, USA, childcare centres suggests that replacing flame retardant infant mats by non-FR mats led to very considerable reductions (-90% to -42%) in levels of four flame retardants in dust (BEHTBP, EHTBB, TBPP and TDCIPP). Calculated exposure levels for the flame retardants were however below established reference values.

Cost impacts of home sprinkler regulationsprinkler

A report by NFPA-FPRF assesses the impacts of regulations requiring installation of fire sprinkler systems in homes, based on statewide regulations introduced in California. The report concludes that there was no significant impact on building permit activity, with “early adopter” jurisdictions (localities which required earlier implementation) showing in fact slightly higher activity.

ECHA proposes restriction on chlorinated P-ester FRsECHA logo

The European Chemical Agency, ECHA, has proposed to restrict the use of chlorinated phosphorus ester flame retardants (TCEP, TCPP and TDCP, and a mixture of these) in flexible polyurethane foams (PUR) in certain products. The proposal is justified by a screening assessment which identifies a cancer risk for children exposed to these chlorinated substances, and considers that they have similar properties and uses.

Timber fire protection relates to nitrogen contentpine

Scots pine boards (12 mm thickness) were tested for fire resistance without treatment after 2 hours impregnation (part vacuum) with solutions of a PIN fire retardant based on MAP, DAP and boric acid, plus urea or guanidine carbonate at 10%, 15% and 20%. Fire testing used the standard cone calorimeter (ISO 5660-1) and a modified ASTM E 69 Mini Fire test (MFT) method.

Fire Brigade calls for FR backings for fridges & freezersLFB logo

London Fire Brigade (LFB) has written to the UK Government calling for “fridges and freezers to be properly covered with fire retardant backing”, including ensuring that there are no holes to enable fire to spread to insulation materials inside the equipment. The fire brigade made this recommendation following a fire in a tower block in 2016 which started in an Indesit tumble dryer.

HFFR polyarylamide for electric vehicle connectorsshutterstock 552655543

Solvay has launched a halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) glass fibre reinforced polyarylamide (PARA) for high-performance electric vehicle charging connectors. The material is supplied in the signal orange specifically used for such connectors. It offers the high flowability, so enabling complex designs and thinner walls (down to 0.5 mm even with glass fibre loadings of 50 percent) so contributing to material savings and lower weight components with high injection speeds and short cycle times.

Padanaplast HFFR wire & cable compoundsPadanaplast Cogegum

Padanaplast has launched seven new HFFR (halogen free flame retardant) grades of Cogegum® wire and cable compounds, for building and construction (Construction Products Regulation compliant, up to classification B2ca) and for automobile applications (ISO 6722 compliant and T3 – 125°C). Among them, Cogegum® GFR380 offers HFFR conform to marine and railway performance requirements (see pinfa Newsletter n°44). All the compounds are self-extinguishing, low smoke, low gas emission corrosivity and toxicity, as well as offering high performance extrusion characteristics.

Research roadmap to reduce materials’ fire hazardsNIST Logo

A report from NIST (USA) aims to identify research priorities, “to enable the global fire community to develop a multi-year R&D plan to improve the fire resistance of products”. The report is based on a stakeholder workshop involving industry, researchers, public authorities and fire testing laboratories. It looked at future construction materials, advanced polymers and composites, transport and infrastructure and next generation flame retardants.

30% increase proposed for EU R&D “Horizon Europe”Horizon2020 logo

The European Commission’s initial proposal for the next budget period 2021-2027 includes a 30% increase for research and innovation, despite budgetary challenges posed by Brexit. This will fund the new “Horizon Europe” R&D funding programme, which will follow on from the current “Horizon 2020”. The Commission also proposes new revenue sources for the EU, proposing “own resource” taxes including a % of the EU Emissions Trading System revenues, a contribution from consolidated corporation taxes and a levy on non-recycled plastic waste.

Ex civil servant criticises UK furniture fire regulationssofa

Terry Edge, lead civil servant in the UK Ministry BIS responsible for the proposed update of the UK’s 1988 Furniture Fire Safety Regulations in 2014, which has never been implemented, has published an article (and recently featured on BBC radio) claiming that the regulations are not effective at present, but that the update has been blocked by the furniture industry.