Why Pinfa Flame Retardants

pinfa fr efficacy 250

Several questions are asked about flame retardants:   

- Why Flame retardants ?
- What do they do for the fire safety ?
- Are they useful ?
- Are they sustainable chemicals?  

This short video is aimed at providing some answers. 



Pinfa events / workshops


TMP pinfa workshop

pinfa - China Kick-off Meeting

23 November 2017, Shanghai, China




TMP pinfa workshoppinfa-TMP workshop - Fire Safety of E&E polymers and PIN FRS

23 February 2017,  Milano |  20 photos


pinfa at ISFMRT 2016 Chinapinfa Workshop at ISFMRT 2016 China

17 June 2016,  Changchun |  31 photos


pinfa bc workshop nov2015pinfa Workshop "Fire Safety Bruning questions" November 2015

3 November 2015 | 34 photos


picture1Fire Resistance in Plastics 2012

27-29 November 2012 | 3 photos


safetypinfa Workshop on “Building the future for flame retardants in E&E"

24 June 2010 | 23 photos


27 October 2010 | 12 photos





Video Links

Spread of fire: comparison of room fires between legacy and modern furnishings (Underwriters Laboratories) → Video 

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Room fire flashovers (National Citizen Corps, US National Institute of Standards and Technology) → Video

With and without flame retardants: fire safety comparison of two sofas, UK (flame retarded) and Netherlands (not flame retarded, NL with English subtitles), Kassa TV → Video

Comparative burning test of 2 sofas (UK Fire safety regs compliant and not) → Video

Flame retardants & fire safety -- Television sets with (Philips) and without (Thomson) flame retardants – burn test by Berlin fire service → Video

Furniture Without Flame Retardants (US National Institute of Standards and Technology) → Video

Open Flame Testing For Upholstered Furniture, US National Fire Protection Association 2013 → Video

Importance of flame retardants in electronics, Michael Roth, BASF, SKZ 2014 (in German) → Video

BBC, Fake Britain furniture inferno 2014 → Video 

Burning Questions, EU ENFIRO project, alternative flame retardants → Video

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Christmas Tree fire safety, US National Fire Protection Association → Video

Bayer MaterialScience - Burning LCD TV set - Increased safety by flame retardants → Video 

Fire retardant fabric tests & fire safety video – showing how quickly a bedroom can be engulfed in flames if fabrics are not flame retarded (Whitacker Services) → Video

pinfa - an introduction to non halogen phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen flame retardants  → Video