Posted on 31/07/2017 in News 32 2017
3-in-1 PIN FRs for wood from MultiPro System

The EU-funded (LIFE) project FARBioTY (Fire and Ageing Resistance Biocomposite for Transportation industry) aims to develop MultiPro System, manufacturer of PIN fire retardants for wood and other porous materials, has developed two highest class (B-s1,d0) fire retardants for wood.

Both Texterior and Ultra are waterborne, contain no ingredients classified as toxic, carcinogenic or hazardous health or to the environment and can be applied manually, in coating machines or in autoclave. Texterior is a PIN FR wood stain, providing besides the highest efficacy also a decorative appearance (all colour tones) and rot and parasite protection in treatment. Ultra is the only fire retardant that has a B-s1,d0 certificate for Accoya and Thermowood, but can also be used on regular wood. Uses include interior and exterior timber, boards, claddings, beams, coverings, terraces, etc. and also textiles, straw and other porous materials. References include the world’s tallest wooden apartment building (Bergen, Norway, 14 floors), London Underground, Latvian National Opera, Finland’s largest wooden apartment building, Estonian Pavilion in 2015 EXPO, offshore oil rig in Okhotsk Sea etc.


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