Posted on 06/10/2017 in News 32 2017
380 000 residential fires per year in the USA

The US Fire Administration has published four reports on residential fires 2013-2015, showing that some 380 000 home fires occurred annually, killing nearly 2700 civilians per year and injuring 12 000.

Just over half of the fatalities occurred in bedrooms, with burns and smoke accounting for 90% of fatalities and 78% of injuries. Around 1/3 of fatalities were trying to escape and around 1/3 were asleep. Unintended / careless actions, smoking and electrical faults were the leading causes of fatal fires.


US Fire Administration Topical Fire Report Series, July 2017:
“Civilian Fire Fatalities in Residential Buildings (2013-2015)”
“Civilian Fire Injuries in Residential Buildings (2013-2015)”
“One- and Two-Family Residential Building Fires (2013-2015)”
“Multifamily Residential Building Fires (2013-2015)”
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