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Apple patent for PIN flame retardant materials

Apple has registered a patent for flame retardant thermoplastic resins using halogen-free PIN FRs for fire safety and for computing systems using the compounds, including prepregs, laminates and printed wiring boards. The patent concerns a range of thermoplastic polymers, an inorganic filler, an antioxidant (Vitamin A or E, ascorbic or lipoic acid) and an inorganic-nitrogen PIN flame retardant: alkali metal or alkali earth metal nitrites, nitrides, borates, silicides or silicates are cited.

The Apple patent indicates that 10% of fires are caused by electrical faults, accounting for 19% of fire injuries and states “An increased use of flame retardants would improve the safety of electrical wiring and electronic devices, and therefore reduce the number of fires caused by electronic devices. Halogenated flame retardants have been found to be effective in many plastics. However, environmental and health concerns have caused halogenated flame retardants to be less desirable for electronic devices, and they are being increasingly regulated.” Apple state that the PIN FR material can be used in molded parts, printed circuit boards and in coatings and coverings for wires and cables.

“Apple patent reveals eco-friendly material”, 28 October 2014
United States Patent: 8871843 / US 2011/0144244 A1, 28 October 2014 “Halogen-free flame retardant material”

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