Posted on 30/06/2017 in News 32 2017
Artel PIN flame retardant railway hoses

Artel Rubber Company, UK, has been supplying high quality products to the rail industry for 25 years. Artel’s PIN flame retardant silicone rubber hoses offer fire performance conform to railway standards and low smoke emission in case of fire.

The ATH (aluminium tri hydrate) based PIN flame retardant system ensures low smoke toxicity and self extinguishing. Fire performance is UL94-V0 (3 mm) and UL94-V1 (2mm), LoI (Limiting Oxygen Index) 35% and achieves railway safety standards requirements including low toxic emissions in case of fire. Mechanical qualities include hardness, tensile and tear strength, elongation and rebound resilience. Artel rubber is a world leading supplier of silicone hoses to the rail industry, for both locomotives and coaches, as well as to the bus, coach and automotive industries.


Artel Rubber Company 
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