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BASF launches glass fibre reinforced PIN FR polyamide

BASF’s new Ultramid® A3U42G6 is a PIN flame retardant, glass fibre reinforced polyamide (PA) offering light colorability and easy processing (low deposits, low corrosivity). The material meets UL 94 requirements for the V-0 flammability class at wall thicknesses as low as 0.4 millimeters. With an RTI for dielectric strength (UL 746B) of 140 °C at a wall thickness of 0.4 millimeters and even 150 °C at thicknesses starting at 0.75 millimeters, the new Ultramid A3U42G6 is especially well suited for use at higher temperatures.

The new flame retardant system shows no migration effects and thus ensures component surfaces of higher quality. It also contains no halogen or antimony components. This allows favorable smoke density and toxicity values to be attained. The product is particularly adapted to connectors and for thermally stressed industrial automation parts, such as switches and contactors.

Photo: testing of migration effects: right = Ultramid® A3U42G6
BASF Engineering Plastics:

BASF News Release P361, 14th December 2014 “Improved flame retardant grade for E&E applications”
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