Posted on 01/02/2019 in 2019
Bekina Compounds

Peter Uytterhaegen explained that Bekina produces and sells an innovative non-halogen fire safety solution, using a rubber-like polymer for injection molding or extrusion to provide protection from extreme fire (Cellulose fire ISO 834-1, hydrocarbon ISO 834-3 and even jet fires). Applications include offshore and petrochemical installations, but also safety cable protection in construction and transport systems (alarm, communications, control cables). More on-shore applications will be developed based on the successful experience in off-shore. The material absorbs heat, expands about 100% and ceramifies in fire, producing a low heat conductivity, highly mechanical and chemical resistant protective volume around sensitive elements, with stability up to 1500°C. Release of water from compound OH groups at 200-250°C and endothermic (heat absorbing) ceramic transition at 700-800°C contribute to limiting temperature increase behind the protective barrier.

Bekina Compounds produces compounds and masterbatches, specialised in natural and synthetic rubbers. It is part of the Bekina groups which also manufactures natural rubber, synthetic rubber, polyurethane and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) products by extrusion and injection molding, including the footwear, which was the company’s first activity in 1962 boots. 

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