Posted on 14/05/2018 in Regulatory News 32 2018
Call for protocol on circular economy chemicals safety

A coalition of EU environmental NGOs has called for a legally binding SAICM protocol on transparency of hazardous chemicals in recycled materials and the circular economy. The NGOs also call for bans on category 1A or 1B carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxicant, neurotoxic, persistent and bioaccumulative chemicals.

SAICM (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management) is a UN coordinated policy framework to promote chemical safety worldwide. SAICM was adopted in 2006 and runs to 2020, and a preparation of a policy beyond that date was launched in February 2017.

“Legally binding protocol on transparency of hazardous chemicals in the SAICM post 2020 framework” SSNC, Arnika, ECOS, HEAL, EEB, 22nd January 2018


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