Posted on 19/02/2018 in News 32 2018
Campaign against flame retardants

A new organisation called “Alliance for Flame Retardant Free Furniture in Europe” has published a position paper. This addresses health, environment, circular economy, competitiveness and quality questions. The document makes no distinction between furniture in homes, offices or public places, despite most regulators considering that fire resistant materials are essential for safety in e.g. theatres or sports arenas. It also bases the position for “flame retardant free” furniture on issues which concern only certain flame retardant chemicals, with many statements which are not true of many flame retardants.

It is incorrectly implied that all flame retardants are toxic, or are released from furniture “during normal use” (“are not bound to the foam”). Many statements are not supported by any references. The Alliance website presents ten participating organisations, but gives no information about funding, statutes or transparency. Given that the contact email is the furniture industry federation (EFIC), it can probably be assumed that this action is financed by the furniture industry.

“The case for flame retardant free furniture”, 8 pages, not dated

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