Posted on 26/03/2019 in Fire Safety Regulatory 2019
Campaign on fire safety for next European Parliament

FSEU (Fire Safe Europe), and Vladimir Maňka, MEP, with over 20 other MEPs, have launched a campaign targeting current members of the European Parliament and candidates for the May 2019 European Parliament elections to “pledge to improve fire safety”. The #Together4FireSafety pledge campaign underlines that there are 5 000 fire per day in Europe, killing 11 people and hospitalising nearly 200, and that improving fire safety can avoid societal disruption (e.g. school fires disrupt education of 90 000 children per year in the UK alone), reduce negative economic impacts, and protect the environment (emissions of pollutants such as dioxins in accidental fires). Organisations and individuals are invited to support the pledge campaign here.
FSEU (Fire Safe Europe) #Together4FireSafety pledge campaign launch, 20th February 2019

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