Posted on 10/05/2019 in Regulatory 2019
ChemSec again criticises Swedish E&E ecotax

Environmental NGO ChemSec has again taken position criticising the Swedish ecotax on electrical and electronic equipment as currently defined. Already in 2017 (see pinfa Newsletter n°86), ChemSec indicated that the tax currently covers certain PIN FRs which are “some of the preferred alternatives to halogenated flame retardants”. In response to the Swedish Governments proposal to increase the ecotax (probably mainly because it is not bringing in the revenue expected, and is difficult to implement), ChemSec again states “several of the safer alternatives that many electronics companies use as replacements for bromine- and chlorine- based flame retardants …safer for health and the environment are also taxed”. ChemSec states that phosphorus based FRs should be assessed individually, because their properties are widely variable, and notes that “Since the tax on electronics was introduced it has been found that the information that originally formed the basis for including the entire group of phosphorus-based flame retardants was inadequate.”

ChemSec letter on the proposal Sweden Government’s proposal “to raise tax on chemicals in some electronic goods”, Fi2019/00431/S2, 6th March 2019

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