Posted on 22/11/2017 in Regulatory News 32 2017
ChemSec flags bad targeting of Sweden´s E&E ecotax

Environmental NGO ChemSec has criticised the Swedish ecotax on certain flame retardants in electrical equipment. In an article on the NGO´s website, its Director, Anne-Sofie Andersson, states The tax also covers flame retardants based on phosphorus.

However, some of the preferred alternatives to halogenated flame retardants are in this group. Even though this category is taxed at a lower rate, it still decreases the incentive to phase out halogenated flame retardants, which is very unfortunate. It would make more sense to handle the phosphorus-based alternatives case by case based on their hazardous properties. The NGO supports the principle of ecotaxation to incite companies to move away from use of problematic chemicals, but suggests to base this on the REACH list of SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) rather than creating new and complicated systems.


“Chemical tax can be very effective and more countries should try it, ChemSec News 12th October 2017 
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