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ChemSec launches chemical substitution tool

International environmental NGO ChemSec has launched an online tool to facilitate substitution of hazardous chemicals, based on ChemSecs “SIN” List (Substitute It Now). ChemSec’s SIN List has now been operational for ten years, aiming to provide a source of information on chemicals likely to be restricted in the future. The SIN List is often cited by reports into possible chemicals regulation, and is taken into account by e.g. the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI, see pinfa Newsletter n°81). The SIN List today includes over 900 chemicals, including a number of halogenated flame retardants as well as TPP (triphenyl phosphate). The new ChemSec “Marketplace”, funded by the John Merck Fund with support from the Swedish Government, aims to list safer alternative chemicals to the SIN List substances, and to enable contacts between buyers and sellers of these safer chemicals. Several PIN flame retardant suppliers and pinfa members are placing information about their preferable and safer alternative flame retardant solutions onto the ChemSec “Marketplace”.

See “ChemSec Safer Alternatives chemical digital forum” in pinfa Newsletter n°87.
ChemSec SIN list
“Substitute It Now… with this”, ChemSec, 20th September 2018

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