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Clariant PIN FR designated as safer for furniture by US EPA

The phosphorus-based PIN flame retardant produced by Clariant (a pinfa member company), EXOLIT® OP 560, has been designated by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) as a more environmentally friendly fire safety solution for home furniture foams than the previously used halogenated flame retardants. Clariant says that the PIN FR solution for furniture foams enables achievement of both fire safety standards, such as the UK Furniture Fire Safety Regulations, or even the stringent fire safety requirements applicable in transport seats.

EXOLIT OP 560 is a reactive flame retardant which chemically bonds into the foam polymer, so cannot migrate out of the foam into the air. It also offers high stability during aging of foam and has a favourable toxicological and environmental profile. In particular, it is not bio-accumulative, as well as ensuring lower smoke density and toxicity in case of fire. OP 560 was one of Clariant’s EXOLIT flame retardants presented at CAMX 2014 (Composites and Advances Materials Expo) where the company presented developments in PIN flame retardants for composite applications, epoxy and polyester resins and thermosets, targeting the transportation sector with low Fire, Smoke, Toxicity numbers (FST) focused on ISO 5658-2, ISO 5659-2 and ISO 5660-1 and the European standard for the railway sector EN 45545 Part 2.

“US EPA: Clariant EXOLIT® OP 560 flame retardant superior for furniture upholstery”–Clariant-Exolit–OP-560-flame-retardant-superior-for-furniture-upholstery
“Clariant to show halogen-free flame retardant at CAMX 2014”

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