Posted on 07/03/2017 in News 32 2017
Consumers call for EU action on fire safety

The European association for the coordination of consumer representation in standardisation (ANEC) has called for a coordinated approach to fire safety in the EU:

“All consumers should benefit from common essential safety requirements across Europe, with risk assessment ensuring that measures are proportionate and appropriate”. ANEC has already for over five years been requesting consistent fire safety requirements in tourism accommodation across Europe – but without success. ANEC underlines that there is a need to address chemicals in products relevant to consumers, to enable coherence between sustainability objectives and building safety and requests “a comprehensive discussion on how to avoid toxic flame retardants and to find safer substitutes is necessary, especially where safety cannot be ensured … by using materials which are inherently fireproof”.

ANEC “The EU needs a strategy on fire safety”, 24 November 2016, ANEC-PR-2016-PRL-011 

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