Posted on 30/06/2017 in News 32 2017
DecaBDE and SCCPs added to POPs list

The COP POP meeting, Geneva, April 2017, decided to add the brominated flame retardant DecBDE and the chlorinated flame retardant SCCP (short chain chlorinated paraffins) to the Stockholm Convention list of POPs (persistent organic pollutants) banned for production or use worldwide.

Exemptions were granted for a number of years for specific applications, e.g. DecaBDE in cars and aircraft. The Convention decisions apply automatically to many countries worldwide (including the EU) but only for some other countries if these decide to “opt in” (e.g. China, India). The Convention’s expert committee also recommended to eliminate POP brominated FRs Penta- and Octa-BDE substances as rapidly as possible from the recycling stream but the COP decided to maintain an exemption to the ban on these substances for recycled plastics.


IPEN, 1 May 2017  and Stockholm Convention website

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