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ECHA list of chemicals used as flame retardants (FRs)

Last year, a number of companies were contacted by ECHA suggesting that they verify their REACH Registration dossier to confirm whether certain chemicals are used as flame retardants (uses specified in IUCLID and CSR), following an “access to documents” (ATD) request submitted to ECHA (not disclosed by whom). pinfa has obtained from ECHA the list of chemicals used as FRs resulting from this process, and this is available here (public information). ECHA have provided a list of 104 chemicals “identified as flame retardants in public sources” plus a further 44 chemicals for which the REACH Registration Dossier includes use as a FR (non-confidentially, for at least one registrant). pinfa notes that these lists include chemicals which are not FRs (ammonia – anhydrous, titanium dioxide, coal ashes, hydrogenated castor oil …). We have suggested to ECHA to update the lists (following 2018 REACH Registrations and dossier updates) and have offered to support in improving their accuracy. We welcome any comments on the lists provided to date by ECHA: chemicals listed which you consider are not FRs, but also FR chemicals which do not appear on either of the two ECHA lists.

ECHA – pinfa access to information request ATD/100/2018, ECHA reply 13-09-2018 available on request from

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