Posted on 30/03/2017 in News 32 2017
EMS-GRIVORY flame retardant bio-based PPA

EMS-GRIVORY, High Performance Polymer business unit of the EMS-Group, operates worldwide with production sites in Europe, Asia and the USA. Grivory HT XE 4027 is a bio-based polyphthalamide compound, adapted specifically for processing by injection moulding, which enables parts to maintain their structure and shape even at very high temperatures.

This is one of the EMS-GRIVORY polyamides in the GreenLine range based on renewable raw materials. Grivory HT XE 4027 provides low moisture absorption, high dimensional stability, chemical and hydrolysis resistance, good surface quality, stiffness and strength and achieves UL94 V0 rating for thin wall thicknesses using a PIN flame retardant. Grivory HT XE 4027 is especially suitable for injection molded components in electrical and electronic applications which require a flame classification of UL 94 V0. The material is suitable for lead-free SMT reflow soldering according to the standard JEDEC J-STD-020C (peak temperature 260°C). Components conforming to JEDEC MSL1 are also possible.


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