Posted on 26/03/2019 in Regulatory 2019
Environmental standard references GreenScreen

The US standards health and safety organisation NSF International has updated its standard NSF/ANSI 426 – 2018 “Environmental Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment of Servers”. The criteria include as obligatory “reduced” levels of bromine and chlorine in plastic parts > 25g (<1000 ppm chlorine or bromine, <5000 ppm in post-consumer recycled plastics), but printed circuit boards, cables, fans and electronic components are exempted. The criteria also include an optional requirement that a hazard assessment be required of flame retardants. The criteria indicate that this should be “comparable to” GreenScreen, should cover all plastic parts > 25g (with similar exemptions to above), and should also consider “transformation products including those from combustion”. The optional requirement applies to flame retardants, plasticisers and principal solvents used in final assembly.

NSF/ANSI 426 – 2018

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