Posted on 14/05/2018 in News 32 2018
EU dangerous product alert system (RAPEX)

The EU has published its 2017 report on the ‘Rapid Alert System’ for dangerous products, showing that the system is increasingly used by Member States. 2201 alerts were issued in 2017, resulting in nearly 4000 follow-up actions undertaken by Member States.

22% of alerts notified concerned chemical risks, the second highest category (after injuries 28%) and higher than choking, electrical shock or fire (6%). The most notified product categories (for all risks) were toys, motor vehicles and clothing.

An example of a chemical risk alert is given as an illustration: a plastic toy doll containing up to 16% of a phthalate banned in toys and children’s products under REACH.

“Protecting European consumers: toys and cars top the list of dangerous products detected”, European Commission press release IP/18/172 (RAPEX) 12th March 2018

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