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EU EcoDesign criteria proposal for ‘displays’

The European Commission draft criteria for “electronic displays” under the EcoDesign Directive (2009/125/EC) excludes halogenated flame retardants from enclosures and stands (see previous information in pinfa Newsletter n°95). EU EcoDesign criteria are mandatory (whereas EcoLabel criteria are voluntary). The draft criteria, currently under final discussion in comitology state that “Presence of halogenated flame retardants represents a major issue in the recycling of plastics of electronic displays. … Control on maximum content of non-permitted compounds in recycled plastic is not cost-effective, resulting in all being incinerated. … Use of halogenated flame retardants in these parts should be limited”. The proposed criteria also require that, for all plastic parts > 50g containing flame retardants, the polymer(s) and the flame retardant(s) be specified: to our understanding, this means according to ISO 1043 codes, which specify 42 different families of flame retardant (see pinfa Newsletter n°95). ECOS (European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation), EEB and CoolProducts have written to the European Commission supporting this exclusion of halogenated flame retardants.

European Commission draft EcoDesign criteria for ‘electronic displays’, 19th December 2018
“ECOS and partners welcome ban on halogenated fame retardants in electronic displays”, 11 February 2019

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