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EU Fire Information Exchange Platform meetings

The second and third meetings of the European Commission’s Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) took place on 29th June and 14th September. The FIEP was established in late 2017 (see pinfa Newsletter n°86), following European Parliament pressure after the Grenfell Tower fire. The meetings included presentations of fire safety campaigns and actions in different Member States. DG GROW (Unit C1) has contracted to Efectis to form the Technical Secretariat for the FIEP and to work on five projects: PT1: exchange of experience from fire accidents, PT2: regulatory approach for new products and high-rise buildings, PT3: the application of fire prevention principles, PT4: the use of fire engineering approach in building regulations and PT5: common terminology and fire statistics, with a cross-cutting priority of domestic fire safety. Activities in PT1 and PT3 have already started. The objective of the FIPE is to motivate each Member State (MS) to actively take part in a dialogue, while keeping objectivity and transparency, with the objective that domestic fire safety should increase”.

Update on the EU Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP), G. Katsarakis, DG GROW C1, February 2018

Efectis announcement of contract for the EU FIEP:

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