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EU initiatives on chemicals and recycling

The European Parliament plenary has adopted a resolution calling for actions on chemicals in recycling, in the interface between European chemicals, product and waste regulations. A public consultation by the European Commission is open on these questions until 29th October 2018. Parliament states that the primary objective should be to prevent hazardous substances entering the material cycle, particularly in imported articles, because these pose problems for recycling. Parliament calls to accelerate regulatory activities promoting the substitution of SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) and REACH restricted substances, so contributing to chemicals and product innovation. Parliament calls for actions towards better information on all substances of concern in products and wastes, addressing legacy substances in recycling, clarification of End-of-Waste and waste classification and tighter enforcement of waste legislation. European Council (Member States) also adopted a position in June 2018 supporting the Commission’s proposed “Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy” (16th January 2018, see pinfa Newsletter n°90) and calling on the Commission to identify substances of concern to be minimised or eliminated in products and waste (towards “non-toxic material cycles”), to facilitate material recycling in particular of polymers and to clarify the product / waste / recycling interface.

European Parliament resolution on the Circular Economy Package and the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation, adopted 13th September 2018

European Council conclusions on delivering on the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy, adopted 25th June 2018

EU public consultation open to 29th October 2018 “addressing the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation”

Accompanying Impact Assessment, refs. refs. COM(2018) 441, SEC(2018) 294, SWD(2018)320

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