Posted on 07/11/2018 in 2018
Eureka project new PIN FR moves to production

Through the inter-government supported Eureka SUSPUR project, the Swiss research centre EMPA has developed a new phosphorus and nitrogen PIN flame retardant for polyurethane foams, EDA-DOPO (ethylenediamine – 9,10-dihydro-10-oxa-phosphaphenanthreneoxide). The new PIN FR will now enter industrial production by Metadynea (under license), after REACH Registration, and is planned for use in upholstered furniture and mattress foams by the global FoamPartner Group. EMPA indicate that the new PIN FR can replace halogenated FRs conventionally used in foams, benefits from an innovative, economic and environmentally preferably synthesis route for DOPO derivatives, has low toxicity, offers stable dispersion and good mixing with foam polyols and can achieve UL94 HB fire classification.

“Non-toxic ingredients. New flame retardant enters market”, EMPA News 26 September 2017

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