Posted on 30/06/2017 in News 32 2017
Expert critical review of Sweden chemicals tax

pinfa has written to the Swedish government to support a submission by DIGITAL EUROPE, the digital technology trade organisation, raising concerns about the Sweden chemicals ecotax on E&E goods (see pinfa Newsletter n°66).

An expert analysis carried out for the European electrical and electronics industry has identified over sixty problems in the Tax Act annexes likely to lead to incorrect claims and disputes, and notes the absence of standard test methods for most of the substances cited making implementation impossible. The Act will result in taxing some safer alternatives instead of more hazardous flame retardants, and so will fail to deliver the intended health and environmental objectives. DIGITAL EUROPE and pinfa ask for a sixteen month implementation delay to allow review of these issues.


Link to letter on pinfa website : Digital Europe – IPC – ITI joint submission 31/3/2017

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