Posted on 12/06/2017 in News 32 2017
Farrel Pomini

Peng Ye, Farrel Pomini – Farrel Pomini’s unique extrusion technology enables implementation of innovative PIN FR polymer packages, because it reduces sheer pressure which can cause decomposition of temperature sensitive components, as well as offering low energy consumption, high throughput and capacity to process compounds with high FR loadings.

Farrel Pomini carry out processing trials for formulators, and recently have successfully demonstrated processing of polymeric FRs, high loading mineral ATH, a plated-structure clay-based PIN FR (overcoming problems posed by its tendency to agglomerate and not disperse in the polymer) and a high-end phosphorus FR (temperature sensitive). This AMI conference is highly informative, with a wealth of new information about PIN FR developments which will require new processing approaches.


With history in pumps technology back to the 1840’s, Farrel Pomini is a global leader in development and manufacturing of continuous mixing systems for polymer processing 
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