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Fire safety standards show their effectiveness

match ignitNo news is good news … Two recent examples show how stringent fire safety standards can contribute to avoiding tragedy.
A spark from a light on a theatre curtain in Stiefel Theatre, Salina, Kansas, 12/2/2015, caused it to smolder and char a hole, but it did not ignite. The curtain was flame retarded conform to standards for public entertainment venues.

A fire broke out in the overhead cabin baggage rack on the KLM Amsterdam-Bangkok flight as the plane was taxiing after landing, apparently caused by a lithium ion battery in a drone in a passenger’s luggage. Cabin attendants put the fire out with on-board fire extinguishers. Aircraft safety standards set very high fire resistance requirements for the plastics and other materials used in aircraft interiors.

“Spark from light chars hole in Stiefel Theatre stage curtain”, Salina Journal, 12/2/2045

“Dramatic moment KLM flight attendant extinguished fire ’caused by lithium ion battery in passenger’s hand luggage’ on flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok” 16/3/15

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