Posted on 15/01/2019 in 2019
First clear UL94 V-0 LED resin is PIN flame retardant

Electrolube, a global manufacturer of chemicals for electronics, has launched the first UL94 V-0 rated, transparent encapsulation resin for LED applications. The new UR5641 resin is halogen-free and based on aliphatic polyurethane chemistry, without solid fillers and using a specific combination of PIN flame retardants. It is resistant to yellowing by UV light and so useable in both interior and exterior applications. It is flexible and resistant to weathering, acids and alkalis, water and mould growth, at operating temperatures -40 to +120°C. It can be used in hazardous atmospheres, ATEX zones and emergency lighting.

“Electrolube Launches First Clear UL94 V-0 Flame Retardant PU Resin for the LED Market”, 28th March 2018

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