Posted on 10/05/2019 in Electric & Electronic Furniture & Textiles 2019
Flame retardant cable and resins markets developing

A market study estimates that the world market for fire resistant cables will increase from 1.7 to 2.12 billion US$ 2017 to 2024, with a growth rate of more than 3% per year. Drivers are identified as urbanisation and increasing fire safety and security awareness. Building and construction is the largest user sector, with increasing demand also in automotive and transportation, as well as energy, manufacturing and other sectors. A second market study suggests that flame retardant resins for the composites industry will grow to 5.8 billion US$ by 2024. Around a quarter of composite resins (thermoset and thermoplastic) are flame retardant. Drivers for growth are identified as ongoing growth in key user industries (aerospace, defence, railways, electronics – especially printed circuit boards in electronics.), growing penetration of composites and introduction of more stringent fire safety regulations.

Zion Market Research, 5/12/2018 “Fire Resistant Cable Market by Insulation Material (XLPE, PVC, LSZH, EPR, and Others) and by End-Use Industry (Building & Construction, Automotive & Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy, and Others): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2017–2024”
Stratview Research “Flame-Retardant Resin Market in the Composites Industry to Reach US$ 5.8 Billion in 2024”, 22nd January 2019 ,

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