Posted on 20/02/2018 in News 32 2018
Flame retardants enable vibrant work environments

Stahl, the global leader in speciality chemicals for leather, performance coatings solutions and polymers since the 1930’s, believes that flame retardants are a key to designing workspaces and interiors which are both inspiring and reassuringly safe, providing adequate escape time in case of fire.

In a media article, they incite companies to ensure an up to date flame retardant policy to reduce the likelihood of a fire starting and slow the spread of any fire which does start, taking into account office furniture, furnishings such as curtains and electrical and electronic equipment (E&E). Stahl is committed to sustainability and offers non-halogenated flame retardants with demanding environmental profiles, including water-based solutions.
“Creating Inspiring Workspaces With First-Class Flame Retardants”, IFPM International Fire Protection Magazine, September 2017

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