Posted on 22/11/2017 in News 32 2017
FR synergist for low-corrosion technical polyamides

Dow Performance Silicones has launched a new non-halogenated FR synergist. This is a specialist silicon based additive for polyamides (PA6, PA66) used at 1-2% which enables high fire performance with reduced flame retardant loadings, with high char formation and reduced heat release.

30% glass fibre polyamide with 2% silicone synergist and 10% aluminium phosphinate achieve UL-94 V0 at 1.6mm. Synergist – phosphorus flame retardant combinations can thus achieve demanding polyamide mechanical performance (impact, elongation at break, maximum force at traction), reduced corrosivity, and lower formulation costs. Applications include glass-fibre reinforced polyamides used in electrical components in the construction, electrical and electronics and automobile sectors.


“Restoring Mechanical Properties and Reducing Corrosivity in Flame retardant PA Compounds using new patent-pending Dow Corning® 43-821 Additive in your formulation”  See also Dow Corning in pinfa Newsletters n°s 77 (polyethylene cables), 71 (transparent polycarbonates)
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