Posted on 14/05/2018 in Transport Fire Safety News 32 2018
Future Sky – risk of fire, smoke and fumes in aircraft

The EU-funded (Horizon 2020) project Future Sky Safety brings together 33 partners and €30 million budget to develop new tools and approaches for aeronautics safety. The project notes that 50% of aircraft accident casualties occur in incidents where fire is involved.

One strand of the project (P7) addresses the risks of fire, smoke and fumes, aiming to understand fire behaviour of structure composites (epoxy resins, CFRPs – carbon fibre reinforced plastics), novel fire resistant / low smoke toxicity materials, and impacts of new materials on cabin air quality. The project will look at heat production, toxic fumes and smoke from structural and cabin interior materials, aiming to identify and test new materials, and to define appropriate fire testing.

“Mitigating he risk of fire, smoke and fumes”

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