Posted on 01/02/2019 in 2019
Gustav Grolman

Nils Rickertsen emphasised the added value provided by the distributor, due to a portfolio of solutions, including service to customers, R&D and expertise, and loyalty to suppliers to ensure reliable cooperation. Markets for flame retardants and for FR polymers are increasing in general, and customers are often looking for alternatives to halogenated products. Many solutions exist, in particular a broad variety of different ATH-based flame retardant products with particular added-value, and also some synergists, which can enable lower loadings for mineral-based FRs. Trends are towards using combinations of PIN FRs, and also the modification of well-known PIN FRs, e.g. by special surface treatments, in order to improve the FR-performance without sacrificing the mechanical properties. Distributors can propose innovative and tailored solutions by combining products from different suppliers. Specific areas of development include e.g. adhesives, which need to be FR when used in fire risk assemblies. Electric vehicles are leading to new demand for flame retardant materials, where sometimes performance is key, but sometimes only cost-effective alternatives are needed. Also, further research is still important to better understand the mechanisms of different PIN flame retardants, especially in combination with each other.

Gustav Grolman Group is an international distributor of specialist chemicals since 1855, with technical teams and logistics installations in all European countries. Grolman provides a wide range of additives, fillers, pigments, binders and flame retardants. Customers include producers of compounds, cables, coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and thermoset materials.

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