Posted on 01/02/2019 in Electric & Electronic 2019
Hellenic Cables

Fotini Karkantelidou and George Dritsas note that an important challenge today is the Construction Products Regulation. Demanding CPR specifications are increasingly specified by customers, both for low voltage cables in construction and for medium and high voltage cables. Innovative solutions to achieve these specifications, including low smoke and prevention of flaming dripping, being implemented by Hellenic Cables, include use of ammonium polyphosphate and silicates as PIN flame retardant components and synergies with specific smoke reducing additives. Also, changes in polymers used for low and medium voltage cables can be expected. Hellenic Cables is already implementing recycling of production losses at its sites, and remelt and reprocessing of PIN FR cable compounds is effective, although sometimes with downgrading to less demanding applications.
Hellenic Cables group, part of Viohalco SA, is specialised in cables since 1950, and includes Fulgor and Icme Ecab. The group has six production plants in three countries in Europe, producing extra high, high, medium and low voltage cables, submarine cables, thermosetting cables, cable compounds and enamelled wires. 80% of the company’s production is exported outside Greece (Europe and Worldwide).

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