Posted on 28/03/2018 in News 2018
Hewlett Packard: substitution of halogenated FRs

At FRPM 2017, Hewlett Packard (HP) summarised the IT industry view on flame retardants, noting that most major IT brands have now largely eliminated PVC and halogenated flame retardants from their products, including progressively printed circuit boards.

In order to avoid substituting with problematic chemicals, HP uses Green ScreenTM and has to date assessed 160 substitutes using this safer chemicals methodology, so generating a positive list of recommended substances which is available to all HP suppliers. HP has also been working with different EcoLabel schemes, and in 2015 the Swedish TCO Ecolabel adopted Green ScreenTM (see pinfa Newsletter n°54) and included a list of PIN flame retardants assessed as Benchmark 2 or better which are accepted in TCO certified products.

“The IT industry view on flame retardants”, Nuno Santos and Hans Wendschlag of Hewlett Packard at FRPM 2017, July 2017

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