Posted on 07/11/2018 in Electric & Electronic Transport Fire Safety 2018
HFFR polyarylamide for electric vehicle connectors

Solvay has launched a halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) glass fibre reinforced polyarylamide (PARA) for high-performance electric vehicle charging connectors. The material is supplied in the signal orange specifically used for such connectors. It offers the high flowability, so enabling complex designs and thinner walls (down to 0.5 mm even with glass fibre loadings of 50 percent) so contributing to material savings and lower weight components with high injection speeds and short cycle times. PARA also delivers high strength and stiffness and an aesthetic surface finish, because during injection, near the mold surface, the glass fibres align parallel with a high resin content.

“Solvay Ixef® 1524 RD 001”, World of Chemicals 12th March 2018

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