Posted on 02/11/2017 in News 32 2017
High performance, low smoke PIN FR resin

AOC, Collierville, TN, USA, has launched a new resin system for interior mass transit components. The PIN FR resin offers excellent handling and curing, and enables higher fibreglass content, with gains in lower density and increased strength.

Requirements for mass transit applications in Europe, North America and Asia are achieved including: EN 45545 (HL2) European rail standard, SMP 800-C toxic gas generation standard, ASTM E662 optical smoke density and ASTM E 162 surface flammability. AOC is a leading global supplier of resins, gel coats, colourings, additives and synergists, established in 1994 as Alpha Owens Corning.

Firepel® K140-MTI “Advances fire retardant and low smoke resin technology”, AOC 2017

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