Posted on 01/02/2019 in 2019

Marc Leifer, ICL-IP outlined his vision of flame retardant trends in automotive and E&E, both growing markets for FRs. In automotive, emobility, connected vehicles and safety standards push for more electronics, more cables and connectors, and more demand for flame retardants to ensure fire safety. Similarly in E&E, smart homes, the internet of things and safety standards will also lead to increased demand for FRs. Materials will have to ensure demanding dielectric properties and low conductivity, heat and chemical resistance, whilst enabling miniaturisation which requires improved processing flow. Increasingly Glow Wire 775°C (3 mm) and UL94-V5A (2 mm) will be demanded. Expected trends include continuing growth in the use of and need for flame retardant solutions for performance polymers (ABS, HIPPS, polyamides, epoxies) and a move to substitute ATO (antimony trioxide).

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