Posted on 04/05/2018 in News 2018
Innovations in non halogen flame retardants at FRPM

The FRPM (Flame Retardant Polymeric Materials), every two years, brings together four days of front-edge research into flame retardants, fire behaviour of polymers and fire testing. FRPM 2017, 2-6 July, Manchester UK, showed 110 presentations and posters, many of which addressed innovation in PIN FRs, and only three of which addressed halogenated flame retardants, giving a strong indication of the direction future flame retardant technologies are headed.

PIN flame retardant chemistries explored included phosphorus based (e.g. DOPO, phosphaphenanthrenes, combinations of phosphorus with bio-based compounds), sulfenamides, oxyimides, nano-carbons, double layered hydroxides, magnesium dehydrate, tannic acid, lignin, melamine, organo-metals, clays, non-edible plant oils … uses of flame retardants in many different polymers were addressed, including cotton and textiles, polyamide, epoxy resins, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyacrylonitrile, poly(butylene succinate), polystyrene, PET, bio-based polymers, including applications such as aircraft, marine, insulation foams, electronics.

16th FRPM (2017) Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials and Fire Chemistry research conference

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