Posted on 27/03/2018 in News 32 2018
Innovative PIN FR systems

Jan-Pleun Lens, FRX Polymers  (pinfa member), presented new applications of the company’s phosphonate PIN FR technologies, available as polymers, oligomers with tailored functional end-groups, and polycarbonate co-polymers. Developing applications include in polyesters (film and fibres, including synthetic hair)), , polycarbonates, thermoplastic polyurethanes, and thermosets like epoxies and polyurethanes.

Performance advantages can include transparency, low processing viscosity and good mixing (enabling production of very thin, transparent flame retardant films), very low fogging, and a smooth and attractive surface appearance. Specific oligomeric phosphonates can react into epoxies, improving mechanical properties, offering good adherence properties, high electrical performance and low moisture uptake. Other specific oligomers are developed for polyurethane foam, offering improved ageing and mechanical performance because they react into the foam.


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