Posted on 27/03/2018 in News 32 2018
Innovative PIN FR systems

Birgit Fassbender, Budenheim, (pinfa member), presented new PIN FR systems for reinforced thermoplastics for electrical and electronics equipment. These high-tech applications require fire resistance (because of fire risks due to arcing or over-heating) tested by Glow Wire and UL94-V0, easy and fast processing including to produce increasingly thin parts for miniaturisation and absence of corrosion of processing equipment, electrical properties, durability, and absence of corrosive gases in case of heat or fire (avoid safety risks related to deterioration of circuits).

Budenheim melamine derivative PIN FRs in combination with phosphorus-based PIN FRs achieve these objectives in polyamides and glass-fibre reinforced polyamides, at loadings of below 25%. They also offer no discoloration, low smoke and smoke toxicity (toxicity 3 times lower than specification under DIN 5510-2), high stability and low migration.


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