Posted on 27/03/2018 in News 32 2018
Inorganic flame retardant developments

Maryline Desseix, Polyone (pinfa member), presented development and testing of innovative solutions to combine PIN flame retardant performance in polymers with sustainability. Inorganic PIN FRs, such as ATH (aluminium trihydrate) and MDH (magnesium hydroxide) offer positive health and environment profiles, and are water soluble, which ensures that they are not bioaccumulative.

However, these properties are also problematic for use as flame retardants, because water uptake impacts polymers’ mechanical and electrical properties. Polyone tested surface treatment of ATH and MDH using different vinyl, silane, phenyl and siloxanes, then combinations of ageing, water contact and compounding in polyethylene/EVA polymer. Results showed potential advantages and significant variations between different solutions. The possible role of compatibilisers between the inorganic PIN FR and the surface coating merits investigation.

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