Posted on 27/03/2018 in Electric & Electronic Building & Construction Transport News 32 2018
Leoni cables for automobile

Werner Tecker, LEONI, develops cables for performance applications, in particular automotive. Customer demand to move towards halogen free cable solutions in applications such as commercial buildings, domestic cables and automobile is challenged by cost restraints. Fire safety requirement in the car industry may become tighter.

For example, at present, flame test requirements in the passenger compartment are lower than under the bonnet. Electric vehicles will also set new challenges: temperature resistance can maybe be lowered, but higher currents will pose safety issues in e.g. battery connection cables. High current loading combined with flexibility will favorise use of PIN additives such as silicones. New specifications will be needed for external charger cables (UV resistance, weathering). Increasing use of polyolefins in cable insulation will require new combinations of PIN flame retardants and synergists in order to meet fire performance, mechanical, water uptake and electrical requirements.

LEONI: see pinfa Newsletter n°s 45, 74. LEONI, with over 80 000 employees in 30 countries worldwide, is one of the world’s leading providers of wires, optical fibres, cables, cable systems, and related services to the automotive industry, electrical appliances and industrial applications.


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